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Why Is My Freezer Leaking?

Why Is My Freezer Leaking?

Anywhere you see a refrigerator, you are bound to find its corresponding freezer. From ice cream to sausages, your freezer is the perfect place to store food items that need more chill. It is also the perfect place to store ice packs and microwave meals for your convenience. But what if you came home to find water pooling at the bottom area in front of your freezer? Maybe you assume it’s a spill that needs to be dried with a towel. After drying the spot, however, you see water continuing to pool into a puddle below your freezer, leaving you to wonder, “Why is my freezer leaking?” The good news is, we can answer that question with the four following possible reasons why your freezer is leaking. 

1. The Drain Is Experiencing Problems

The first possible answer to the question, “why is my freezer leaking?” is that your drain might be clogged. While most freezer drains are found in the bottom back, consult your manual to find its exact location. Your freezer drain is likely clogged due to food debris getting trapped and iced in over time. The solution to this problem is to pour hot water into the drain hole so as to melt away the ice and easily remove the offending debris.

A clog is not the only problem that a freezer drain can experience. Sometimes the drain hose is the source of the issue, specifically a loose or disconnected drain hose. Luckily, the drain hose can be easily reconnected to the hose coupler by squeezing the hose clamp in the process. If the drain hose is torn or worn out, it can be replaced. 

2. The Drip Pan Needs Cleaning 

Another potential response to “why is my freezing leaking?” is “the freezer’s drip pan needs attention.” The purpose of the drip is to capture any water that leaves the drain. When a drip pan collects too much excess water, said water will inevitably overflow and leak out of the freezer. After using your manual to determine the location of your freezer’s drip pan, check to see if it is overflowing with water. If so, proceed to clean out the drip pan, allowing it to be empty once more. Routinely making sure your freezer’s drip pan stays empty will prevent any future leaks related to this part of your freezer.

3. The Freezer Door Needs Resealing 

The seals on your freezer door keep the door shut and prevent any cold air from escaping. A broken door seal not only lets cold air leave your freezer more easily but also allows water to leak from the freezer. If the seals are broken or worn out, you will need to get them replaced. If the seals are just out of place, you should be able to put them back into place either by yourself or with help from a technician. 

why is my freezer leaking door

4. The Thermostat Is Defective 

The state of your freezer’s thermostat may be the best indication of why your freezer is leaking. If the thermostat of your freezer displays settings other than those considered normal, reset the thermostat to working order. However, if the temperature control needs this much hands-on correcting, it is a sign that it’s time to call a technician. Your freezer thermostat will then either need a hard reset or replacing, depending on the diagnosis. 

Appliance Repair Grand Prairie Will Help With All Your Freezer Needs! 

You now know four of the many possible answers to the question, “why is my freezer leaking?” While a freezer could be leaking for a multitude of reasons, the ones described in this blog are some of the most common ones. Thankfully, regardless of why your freezer may be leaking, our technicians at Appliance Repair Grand Prairie are highly equipped to address the problem thoroughly and efficiently. Contact us today for help with all your freezer problems! 


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