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No Cold Water In Washing Machine: How Did This Happen?

No Cold Water In Washing Machine: How Did This Happen?

Did you ever set a washing machine load to cold only to later find, upon the cycle’s completion, that your clothes are warm or hot? Was your first reaction to rerun the cycle only for the same outcome to occur? You are certainly not the first person to land in this predicament, and you definitely won’t be the last one to deal with it either. However, understanding the source of there being no cold water in a washing machine will allow you to approach better solving this problem in the future. Let’s explore the most common causes behind no cold water in your washing machine. 

Inlet Valve Problems Are Leading to No Cold Water In Washing Machine 

The first possible cause behind no cold water in washing machines is problems with the water inlet valve. The inlet valve connects the hoses that allow hot and cold water to flow in and out of the washing machine. Before assuming the worst-case scenario is at hand, consult your user manual to find the location of these valves. 

If the cold water inlet valve is switched off, switch it back on again and see if it helps. If the switch was on all along or turning it on does not make a difference, then your inlet valve screen is clogged, or the inlet valve itself is damaged. You can check the valve screen by detaching it from the hose and seeing if any debris is trapped and blocking the way. In this case, you should be able to clean out the inlet valve screen before reattaching it. Experts recommend brushing the screen with a toothbrush dipped in vinegar for best results. If the inlet valve is damaged, it will need to be replaced as soon as possible. 

Damaged Or Poorly Installed Hoses Lead to No Cold Water In Washing Machine

If the water inlet valve appears to be in its normal condition, check the state of the hoses. If the hoses are dented or loose, straighten them out and tightly reconnect them to the appropriate mechanism. If there are damages, such as holes or visible wear and tear in the hoses, then it’s time to call a technician to replace them. If you suspect that the hoses were poorly installed, refer back to the user manual to make sure it’s installed correctly. 

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Temperature Issues Are Leading to No Cold Water In Washing Machine

Sometimes the source behind no cold water in washing machines can be traced to temperature issues. Before investigating your washing machine, check your home water heating system’s settings. Check for any indication that your water pressure is abnormal or if the temperature settings are outside the range of normal. 

The best way to be certain of the state of your home water pressure is to see if it falls anywhere significantly below the maximum of 60 psi, in which case there is a problem with the water pressure. To understand the state of your home heating system, consult the user manual. If the issue is related to home heating or water pressure, call a professional to address the problem before it becomes a bigger issue for the rest of your home.

If the settings are normal, the temperature issues can be specifically traced to the washing machine rather than the main heating system. To check for temperature issues specific to your washing machine, make sure that the drain hoses are connected to the appropriate water inlet valves for cold and warm water. Making sure all the parts are matched up will ensure proper water temperature distribution. 

Appliance Repair Grand Prairie Will Return Cold Water To Your Washing Machine!

If you are still unclear as to why there is no cold water in your washing machine, you can reach out to an appliance repair service for help. If you aren’t sure which appliance repair service to consult, then the good news is that Appliance Repair Grand Prairie’s certified technicians are the most knowledgeable and skilled in the entire state of Texas. Contact us today, and we will return cold water to your washing machine!


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