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6 Oven Cleaning And Maintenance Hacks

6 Oven Cleaning And Maintenance Hacks

You can never underestimate the importance of oven cleaning and maintenance. Letting your oven accumulate debris from past dishes will negatively affect its performance. With regular cleaning and maintenance, you can avoid having to call a technician to do some serious repair work on this key part of your kitchen. However, you might be someone who finds oven cleaning to be a tedious, time-consuming task. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be that way anymore, thanks to six of these oven cleaning and maintenance hacks. 

6 Oven Cleaning And Maintenance Hacks 

Plenty of oven cleaning and maintenance hacks will change how you keep your kitchen running. Starting with these six hacks will put you on track to mastering the art of oven upkeep. 

1. Make A DIY Cleaning Paste

Instead of relying on a caustic cleaner, you can make a DIY cleaning paste to make your oven squeaky clean again. To make this paste, you’ll need to combine a quarter cup of water with a quarter cup of baking soda and mix them together until they reach a toothpaste-like consistency. Upon reaching that consistency, you’ll spread the paste everywhere in the oven except the heating elements. 

For best results, let the paste sit for twelve hours before finally spraying vinegar on the areas covered with the paste. The vinegar and baking soda will get rid of burns and stains. Let it sit for at least half an hour before wiping down the oven with a wet cloth. 

oven cleaning diy paste

2. Loosen Grime With Water And Lemon

Another DIY solution for oven cleaning involves using water and lemon to loosen and remove tougher pieces of grime in your oven. You’ll just combine a pan of water with juice squeezed from two lemons and place the pan in the oven. The steam from the lemon water will make the grime looser and easier to remove. Another approach involves cutting a lemon into quarters, putting it in an oven-safe dish, pouring water on it then heating it for half an hour in the oven. When the time is up, you soak a sponge in the heated lemon water and use that to remove the grime. 

3. Reduce Grease With Non-Stick Oven Liners

Would you prefer never to have to clean up so much oven grease? Thankfully, with help from non-stick oven liners, you can reduce the grease buildup in your oven. This hack will make it easier to maintain your oven, especially when the time comes for the biannual deep clean. 

4. Use A Rack Cleaning Kit Or Bathtub 

When it comes to oven cleaning and maintenance, it’s important to give your oven racks the attention they require. When the oven is turned off and has had enough time to cool down, remove the racks, soak them in hot water for two hours, and scrub them clean with soap. If your kitchen sink isn’t big enough, a bathtub will suffice. You can get the supplies you need for this job by purchasing an oven rack cleaner. 

5. Clean The Oven Glass With Baking Soda

Do you wish the glass that allows you to see the inside of your oven were clear and shiny? You can make this happen with this next oven-cleaning hack. All you need to do is pour baking soda on the oven glass and use a wet sponge to remove all smudges and stains. 

oven cleaning glass

6. Sprinkle Leaks With Salt

When it comes to getting rid of stains from leaks in your oven, a little bit of salt can go a long way. When the spill happens, sprinkle salt on the landing spot before it becomes solid. The salt will absorb the leak before it can form a stain on the oven. Once the oven has cooled, use a spatula to remove the salt, and you’ll barely have any stains to worry about cleaning, thanks to this hack. 

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We hope that these six oven cleaning and maintenance hacks will make keeping your kitchen in working order a breeze. Of course, some oven issues will require more than just a simple hack to resolve them. When this happens, contact us at Appliance Repair Grand Prairie, and we will keep your kitchen appliances in excellent condition. 

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