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5 DIY Oven Maintenance Tips

5 DIY Oven Maintenance Tips

When it comes to performing oven maintenance, there’s a good chance you might think that all you need to do is let the self-cleaning feature (if your oven has one) do all the work for you. However, while the feature is incredibly convenient, overusing it can lead to dire consequences. For starters, this feature can only reach so much of your oven and might miss some smaller areas in need of attention. 

Also, not all ovens with a self-cleaning mode are time-efficient. In fact, this feature should only be used to address small oven messes, not months of grease and grime buildup, as that can become too overwhelming for the self-cleaner. These are just a few reasons why it’s important to perform hands-on oven maintenance as needed. Keep reading to learn five DIY oven maintenance tips that will keep your kitchen running smoothly. 

1. Deep Clean Your Oven Twice A Year

The first DIY oven maintenance tip you’ll learn today is to deep clean your oven twice a year. When performing this biannual deep clean, there are three practices you need to follow for your oven to look as good as new. First, you need to unplug the oven before you begin this process. You want to avoid any potential accidents, so turning off your oven is the best way to ensure your own safety. 

Next, block off time during this routine to clean behind and underneath your oven. The buildup of debris and other grime can potentially interfere with parts of your oven and keep it from working properly. Don’t forget to also clean your oven racks by removing them and washing them separately in the dishwasher. Finally, avoid using caustic solutions to clean your oven so you don’t unintentionally damage it. 

2. Inspect The Gas Line, Burners, And Gaskets

The gas line, burners, and gaskets are three of the most important parts of your oven. They keep your oven powered up, heat the air, and prevent said hot air from escaping. That’s why inspecting these three components every so often is vital. If the gasket is out of place, you can adjust and reinsert it accordingly. Look out for any signs of leaks in the gas line, and check the burners for any spots that are glowing unusually bright or other visible damage. Finding any of these things on the gas line or burners means you’ll need to call a technician to replace them. 

3. Clean Up Spills Right Away

When placing a dish in the oven to cook, it’s not uncommon for things to spill out and over onto the racks and other parts inside the oven. The worst thing you can do, however, is to leave that spill to sit and solidify in your oven, leading to a dirtier oven. For this reason, as soon as it’s safe to do so, clean up the mess inside your oven. Ideally, wait for your oven to cool off before cleaning up the spill. By staying on top of these spills, you’ll reduce the amount of work you’ll need to put into deep cleaning the oven and oven maintenance in general.

4. Leave The Oven Knobs Alone

You might think that removing the oven knobs is the best way to clean them. In reality, you need to leave the knobs alone. Your oven’s knobs are attached to various controls, so removing and even reinstalling them can put you at risk for electrocution. That’s why, for your safety, don’t mess with the knobs when performing oven maintenance. 

oven maintenance leave knobs alone

5. Try DIY Oven-Cleaning Solutions 

Instead of scrolling through endless web pages full of reviews for oven-cleaning products, you can concoct your own DIY oven-cleaning solution using products you already own. The most popular formula for a DIY oven cleaner uses vinegar and baking soda. Mix these ingredients properly to create a paste that’ll help return your oven to its former glory. 

Our Technicians Are Here For Any Oven Maintenance Assistance! 

We hope these five DIY oven maintenance tips will make keeping your kitchen clean a breeze. Of course, if you’re ever facing issues with your oven that aren’t suitable for a DIY solution, you have Appliance Repair Grand Prairie to call for assistance. Contact us today for all your oven maintenance and repair needs. 


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