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How To Wash Stainless Steel

How To Wash Stainless Steel

If you do a quick google search for “is stainless steel dishwasher safe?” you will find a plethora of “yes” responses and feel reassured that you will be able to run your Yetis and Hydro Flasks in a cycle alongside your dishes and utensils. While stainless steel is safe for your dishwasher, however, the dishwasher is not necessarily safe for your stainless steel. Let’s go over what multiple dishwasher runs can do to stainless steel.

Dishwashers: Not-So Stainless Steel Safe

When putting stainless steel items in a dishwasher, you need to be mindful of the frequency and manner in which the stainless steel is run through a dishwasher. If you put stainless steel items in the dishwasher more than occasionally, then the metal will be corroded by the dishwasher’s humidity and detergent. This corrosion will also damage the polish and the exterior of your stainless steel water bottle. If you are going to place your stainless steel water bottle in a dishwasher, keep it in the uppermost rack. However, if you’re someone who lives by “better safe than sorry” then here is how to wash your stainless steel water bottles In order to preserve their integrity and appearance.

1. Empty Bottle of Any Remaining Liquids

Even if your stainless steel bottle only has water in it, you will still need to pour it all out before washing. The water still in the bottle has bacteria from its consumption, and we want to really make sure that our stainless steel bottles get really squeaky clean.

2. Put Stainless Steel Friendly Soap on a Cloth or Sponge

For this step, make sure you own dish soap that is stainless steel friendly. If it is unclear whether or not your dish soap is stainless steel friendly, then any mild dish soap will do when combined with warm water. Squeeze at least two pumps of dish soap on a wet sponge or towel, and you should be ready to start scrubbing.

stainless steel friendly soap

3. Scrub Inside of Bottle With Sponge Or Cloth

There are two ways to clean a bottle with a sponge or cloth.  You can reach inside to clean with a sponge or cloth if the opening is big enough, or you can squeeze a pump of dish soap, add water, put the lid on (after clearing the lid first), then shake the bottle. This strategy will allow the insides of your stainless steel water bottle to be as clean as possible.

4. Scrub Outside of Bottle With Sponge Or Cloth

After the inside has been scrubbed, make sure to scrub the outside of the water bottle. If your stainless steel water bottle has a nice logo or custom design on it, try not to be too rough when scrubbing. If you see some bubbles as you scrub, it means the cleaning is working and should take no more than two minutes.

5. Scrub Bottle Lid

Whether it’s a single-function lid or a lid that contains the drinking mechanism, the lid is often the main point of contact between you and your beverage, making it absolutely vital to clean daily. If there is a mouthpiece, make sure that is thoroughly scrubbed.

6. Rinse Thoroughly

Once you have thoroughly scrubbed and soaped your stainless steel water bottle, it is time to rinse. While the lid and the exterior are simple enough, be extremely careful when rinsing the interior. To make sure all the soap is out, periodically fill the bottle with water and look out for any soap bubbles. Once there are no more soap bubbles appearing when pouring water into the bottle, you should be ready for the final step.

7. Dry With Dish Towel and Let Air Dry

Find a dry dish towel and start drying the water bottle as thoroughly as possible, inside and outside. If you have a drying rack, have your stainless steel water bottle and lid rest separately on it to air dry. It should take no more than 10-15 minutes for your stainless steel water bottle to be ready for use once again.

Do You Still Have Questions?

While you may have heard that stainless steel is dishwasher safe, you now know that what you should have been thinking about is if dishwashers are stainless steel safe. If you would like to know more about our dishwasher maintenance, repair, and installation services, contact us and we will be happy to help you with all your dishwasher-related needs.

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