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How To Replace A Dryer Belt

How To Replace A Dryer Belt

How do you know when it’s time to replace a dryer belt? There are quite a few signs you need to look out for. Is your dryer making any unusual noises? Has it been a struggle to get your dryer started lately? Does the dry cycle stop before it’s done? If any of these things are happening while using your dryer, there might be a problem with your dryer belt. In this case, the dryer belt will need to be replaced as soon as possible. If you wish to know how to replace a dryer belt, that wish can be granted if you keep reading. 

how to replace a dryer belt

1. Order The Correct Dryer Belt 

The first step in learning how to replace a dryer belt is to obtain the replacement itself. Check the brand and model of your current dryer, and use that information to find and order the correct dryer belt. Using a dryer belt that doesn’t work with your current dryer will only create more unnecessary problems, so ordering the right replacement is absolutely essential. 

2. Turn Off And Unplug Your Dryer

Before replacing the dryer belt, you want to make sure you can complete this task safely. To avoid any accidents or injuries, turn off and unplug your dryer. Attempting to replace the dryer belt while the machine is powered on can put you at risk of getting electrocuted. As an extra precaution, wear gloves while you replace your dryer belt. Ensure there is reasonable space between the wall and the wall before continuing. 

3. Remove The Top And Front Panels 

For this step in how to replace a dryer belt, you’ll need to gain access to it. You’ll be able to access the drum and belt by removing your dryer’s top and front panels. Before doing either of these, remove the lint screen by lifting it out and using a screwdriver to detach it. Once the lint screen is out of the way, remove the top panel with a putty knife. You’ll slide the putty knife beneath the top panel’s left and right-facing edges, and the panel should make a pop when it opens.  

Now it’s time to remove your dryer’s front panel. First, you’ll need to find the door switch wire and disconnect it so you can easily remove the front panel. Next, detach the front panel by unscrewing it from the dryer with a screwdriver. Ensure that the screws are kept somewhere safe for when it’s time to reassemble the dryer. 

4. Remove Old Belt From Drum 

After removing the top and front panels, you’ll be getting to the crux of how to remove a dryer belt. The dryer belt is wrapped around the drum. For this reason, be very careful when gently pulling the belt out of the dryer. 

5. Install The New Dryer Belt

After disposing of the old, broken dryer belt, install the replacement. Gently and carefully wrap the new belt around the drum by threading it through the idler pulley. Once the new dryer belt is installed, proceed to reassemble the rest of your dryer. Start by putting the front panel back into place and securing it, followed by the top panel. Finally, you can replug, turn on the dryer, and test out the new dryer belt. 

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